Saturday Afternoon



Since first moving out of my house three years ago to start college at the University of California Santa Cruz, I have spent countless hours packing up numerous rooms and then unpacking hundreds of boxes.

Although the sun is shining and there is literally not a cloud in the sky, today I have dedicated the afternoon to clearing out my room. Wait- rephrase. Beginning to clear out my room. In a month I will be moving out of my childhood bedroom in a different way than I ever have before. I will be leaving for at least a year to live in Thailand, and then I plan to apply for a program to work in Japan that will start in the fall of 2013. If accepted, it will be over two years until I return home.

A room is our own personal place, full of all the objects we have accumulated over the years- Many of which have sentimental meaning, and many which had it at one point and have now lost the meaning they once held. Where do you begin? Sitting here today, starring at the project that stands before me, how do I know what I will still want to hold onto in a year from now? Two years?

When I finally return home I will be far different from the person I am today.

I have to start clearing out this room full of possessions I won’t need anymore. A closet full of clothes that won’t be worn again. Material objects that are currently part of my everyday life, that I will no longer live with. Minimizing is incredibly refreshing. I own too much.


For anyone who has traveled and left behind the room they grew up in, full of the possessions they have come to own over a life time, any advice on where to start?

Pulse of the Nation

I constantly find myself wondering, what can I do to improve myself as a writer and what projects can I create for myself? I recently just found inspiration in chasing my own creativity after I watched a short promotional video for a project that a college friend is embarking on. She is a literature major, like myself, and will be graduating within weeks. She and a friend, another literature major, are going to be traveling across America and interviewing thousands of people. The answer they are looking to find is how do Americans exercise their power of choice? It is inspiring to see fellow peers putting their talents to work, and creating projects for themselves, rather than expecting others to. I cannot wait to see what they finish with after their adventure is done. Wising my fellow Slugs good luck! Please check out their video and share with friends. Contact them if you can help or support them in anyway.