Take What You See, and Leave All the Rest

I allowed myself to slip out of time with him this past month, and let the rest of the world fade into the background. It’s a tendency I have always had, when it comes to him, and I have a hard time from stopping myself from behaving this way.

But, as quickly as he arrived, he left.

This time our parting was on a good note. The seeds for a friendship are deeply planted and the roots are beginning to spread.

The house we got is no longer our home, but mine.

The baby bunnies are no longer his and mine, but solely my responsibility.

And the city we moved to together is no longer our adventure, but the beginning of another life started for me.

I changed everything when he got here, because I was thinking about the needs of two.

But I came here to live for myself, and that is what I have come to re-realize. This is about me. My happiness. My future. My passions, goals and life.


And I don’t have any regrets.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Having his presence here for the past month was wonderful. I loved every minute of it. He added something to my year abroad that I could not have experienced, had he not visited.

He taught me how to open bottles using household objects.

He taught me how to ride my first motorbike.


And he reminded me how important it is to love someone with all of your heart, because life is short and we only get so much time with one another.

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