Right Place Right Time

I couldn’t ask for a better person to be experiencing my Thailand adventure with. Cheers to a great girl and a great friend.


Traveler’s Advice


Currently in Laos, running out of money. Fear, confirmed. When traveling you must be prepared for unexpected obstacles, which I am quickly learning, come often. These next few days will be tight but we’re still making the best of being in an absolutely amazing and beautiful place. Cheers Vientiane, Laos!

For Your Entertainment


Tape ain’t gonna fix this honey.

It ain’t gonna stick to you.

Six kinds of glue, won’t hold you.

Time ain’t gonna cure you, honey.

Time don’t give a shit.

A Glimpse of the Randomness I Call Life


Their mustache obsession

Jo giving Holly her going away cake. Jo is the most incredible cook and baker, and she is always bringing in treats for everyone. So sweet.

The girls at dinner

Practicing for myspace

Me- “Why do you have this in your purse?” Christine- “Oh, I was teaching a lesson on American stereotypes.” Brilliant

No doing… aerobics? High kicks?
I am going to own this.

Group dinner. Love love love these people..

K idnapping little animals and kissing them. Nothing new for me….

Van Racing Team… seriously?

Cook it yourself style dinner
Ashley and Max- Container

Restaurant Kitty


Danni and I have Mondays off work so we decided to check out the local aquarium and crocodile park. Here is a look at our day.




Just some blow fish in…. boxes?



Feeding the reindeers





Teacher Allie

Assignment- Draw things you see in nature… so he draws a pile of poop. I told him this was only correct if he drew the animal it came from….

A monster with lazer eyes who drinks blood and booze. I did not tell the kid what to write. Promise.

Teaching them new slang words to explain how they feel. And that is a map of America, in case you didn’t understand my amazing art skills.

My 6 year olds….

These photos are from a listening exercise using prepositions where I describe a picture and they draw it.

These are some of my highschool students that I have private lessons with. They are one of my favoite classes because with them I can plan creative writing exercises, engage them in more conversation, and plan activities that require critical thinking.

One of our lessons- “The Perfect Date”

(We come up with answers together but I started for them. By football I mean soccer)


Oh you know… just a lesson on the existence of aliens….