Figuring Out Edible Products

The pictures below feature items that I encounter when grocery shopping or around town. Many of them I just wanted to capture on film because they are so different than what they have in the states, while some are packaged in the cutest way, for being just food. Some items I simply could not figure out.


McDonalds in Thailand.

Wasabi dip for your french fries


Hot dog/pizza bread treats of some sort

My favorite favorite tea to go

These were the contents of my fridge until I figured out what to buy and what things were.


Sexiest add for coffee I have ever seen



How meat is sold in Thailand. Instead of being wrapped and pre packaged, it’s all self serve.

Green Seaweed cheetos

Panda birth control?


Could not figure out if this was dish detergent than gets rid of the fish smell, or detergent that smells like sea creatures

















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