Dope Sick

Some people are like drugs.

They get you really really high.

Make your heart beat uncontrolably.

Make your body feel like it has never before.

They make you forget about tomorrow, because all that matters is the moment.

But the higher they take you,

the farther you fall.

I can say with certainty that some relationships are nothing more than addiction.

Law of Attraction

What is determination?

To me, it apparently is 47 copies of my resume emailed to different jobs in one city.

It is the frusteration of trying to navagate the sites of 36 other possible jobs, except that the site is in a different language.

This has been the last four days of my life.

I have gotten a few replies, a few job offers, but none that can sponser my visa, and none that can give me full time work.


I am determined and I will be in Japan.

The only thing I’m starting to wonder is where you draw the line between determination and obsession?

Just Like A Dream

“Show me how you do that trick
The one that makes me scream” I said
“The one that makes me laugh” I said
And threw my arms around his neck
“Show me how you do it
And I promise you I promise that
I’ll run away with you.”

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
Strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You’re just like a dream

Brian Vivero

Although this artist’s work is all very similar, each piece still has the ability to make you feel something different than the one before. His work is as powerful as it is heavy, and he finds a way to portray absolute beauty from the grimy parts of life.




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