Day Adventures


In the beginning of March I went for a car ride around Lake Tahoe with a friend. We found a spot to get out at that overlooked the majority of the lake. It was a place we had never been before and the view was breathtaking. What made this particular part different from the rest of the lake was that it over looked an island. The island was only a couple hundred feet or so from the shore, but it required a boat or kayak or some form of water transportation to get there. We talked about coming back and spending a day dedicated to reaching the island. On it there was a fort, and our childish instincts took over and we had a dire need to explore. To lose ourselves in our own day of adventure.

As it seems to do- life happened, and we never returned. Often I think of all the things we used to plan on doing, all the time we spent talking about future plans, future adventures, that never materialized past our imaginations.

Do not waste your time talking about the future and what it may hold. Go out and do it.

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