Well What Do You Know….

I had never really considered anywhere other than Japan or Thailand for teaching abroad, but after posting my resume I’ve been contacted by numerous organizations and this morning I received this one….

“We are proud to be able to place teachers with only the most reputable private academies and public schools. We negotiate the highest pay possible for you and find you the best in accommodations which includes nice free apartment housing and free airfare. 
We’re impressed with your achievements so we would like to offer you a future job in Taiwan Academy.”
I guess I have somewhere else to consider. Anyone been to Taiwan or know anyone who has and can offer me some advice?

2 comments on “Well What Do You Know….

  1. Hey love Taiwan is supposed to be one of the most high paying places to teach English next to Korea. I would highly consider it if I were you. I figure you’ll make much more than teaching in Thailand. I have a good friend teaching there now and he really likes it. Amazing weather and all that. Let me know if you want me to put you in contact with him

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