After a long, indulgent, and much enjoyed three day weekend, I decided to do something academic with my time and attended a forum on the journalist Ezra Klein. Like myself, he is a UCSC graduate, wrote for Fishrap and now lives in DC, working for the Washington Post and is an editor for Wonkblog.  I knew nothing of his politics, and unlike my peers I had never heard of him, but I figured I should go. I was sure that he had something to say I needed to hear, considering he made it where he is with starting a blog during his time as a slug.

While most of the information given during the lecture were his opinions on health care reform, the economy, and Obama’s policies, which, not to sound ignorant, but I could care less about hearing, I did get the answers I was looking for when given the opportunity to ask him a question. His reply will stick in my mind for a very long time, if not forever.

He told me that when beginning a blog and writing for others, I have to do it better. Doing it better means putting my entire self into my work while giving you something others are not. I have to make my writing useful to you in a way that it will keep you coming back. Therefore, my blog can not be self obsessed, and it’s going to need to be more about what you want to read, rather than a journal of  “my new life.” As narcissistic and fun as it was. It can still be about me and my endeavors, but I have to give you something. When I began this I had the thought in mind that it would be the coming of age story of a young college graduate exploring her young professional life. Thats still the plan, but I think I need to provide some type of advice along the way. Refine the wheel.  I’m constantly making mistakes and learning from them, so I can’t give solid advice about major life lessons, but I can start providing advice about what it is I’m learning, as small as these details may be. I’m not sure where I’ll start and how you’ll like it, but we’ll give it a try.

Hopefully, no matter how small and irrelevant the advice I provide may seem, it will somehow be useful to you, and you can incorporate it into your life as you pursue your young adult adventures. Its a rocky ride and anything along the way helps. Believe me.


If you have suggestions as to what it is I can give a reader, the gift you’re looking to receive, message me via facebook and I’ll work that into my writing. Your feedback is the biggest way my writing improves.

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