sweet dreams

Its the very end of the day. A little more than 15 minutes to go until tomorrow. I’m feeling like today crushed me.

Reality was much heavier than anticipated. The worlds of other collided with mine. Much harder and

with much more impact than I’ve ever known. The reality of the globe set in. Reality of my country.

Reality of life. As the day progressed and I thought more about the afternoon’s events I started to

sink under the overwhelming thought that what if all this idealism and optimism is a post

graduate residue, still clinging to my desperate but hopeful Santa Cruz soul. What if

dreams fade, and if so, how long do I have? How many times am I going to

wrestle with the frustration that is known as un-accomplishment?

Defeat? I saw people struggle today with goals they had

been striving toward their entire lives. I felt the

frustration in the room of being

smothered by






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